Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for account access?

Signing up for access is quick and the most convenient way to keep track of your account. To create your online access, visit our registration page, fill out the form and submit. Enter your name exactly as it appears on your Launch Servicing welcome letter or any other Launch Servicing correspondence. Account access is available to anyone with an Income Share Agreement serviced by Launch Servicing.

How do I make a payment?

Payments can be made in multiple ways. The easiest and most convenient way is to log in to your account and make a payment with a checking or savings account. For even more convenience, you can set up recurring payments online so that your payments are made automatically. You can also use bill pay through your bank's online bill pay service. (Make sure they don't charge a fee!) Payments can also be sent via mail to PO BOX 679220, Dallas, TX 75267-9220 or made by calling Launch Servicing at (877) 354-2629.

How do I view my billing statement?

You can view your billing statement by logging into your account and clicking History and then Billing Statement. This will give you access to view all billing statements while the agreement is serviced by Launch Servicing.

How do I change my password if I forgot it?

Forgot your password? Just enter your username associated with your Launch Servicing account, and we'll reset your password.

How do I change my username if I forgot it?

Forgot your username? We can help you figure it out. You will need to provide us with some information so we can verify your account. An email will be sent to the email address on file and provide further instruction.

Why am I paying Launch Servicing and not my school?

Launch Servicing is contracted by your school to provide you exceptional service - from the date enrollment begins to the day you pay your agreement in full. We are here to help your school help you succeed.

What is the difference between the school and servicer?

Great question. This can sometimes get confusing. The school provided you the opportunity to complete your education and participate in the Income Share Agreement. The servicer is contracted by the school to service your agreement from the date of enrollment through the date the obligation expires.

How do you keep my personal information secure?

Your security is important to us. To ensure that your personal information stays safe, we utilize multi-factor authentication. The first time you log into your account from a new device or browser, you'll enter your username and password as usual. Then, you will be asked to enter a unique code that we will send to you via email. Check your email for the access code and enter it when requested. If you have questions or need help logging in, contact us.

What is an Income Share Agreement?

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) does not create debt and is not a loan. Instead, an ISA is your obligation to make payments which are indexed to your income. An ISA is not an assignment of your income, rather we will use your income to determine the amount you owe for your education. Throughout the term of your ISA, your income share percentage will not change. Thus, if your income increases, your payments will increase. If your income decreases, so do your payments. The amount you pay to the school (via the servicer) may be more or less than the funding amount you receive.

How is the Prepayment Amount calculated?

This is the amount to satisfy your obligation on the ISA. It is the Payment Cap amount (identified on your Final Disclosure) minus any payments already made plus any outstanding fees.

How is income verified?

You, the Participant in the ISA, are required to provide verification of your income prior to any applicable Grace Period, and each year thereafter. Failure to provide verifiable income may result in additional fees assessed and either an estimated income amount to be used or the servicer may utilize additional resources to obtain income information.